We help companies in building a motivational corporate culture and want to be a development partner that facilitates development and awareness in order to grow in a sustainable way.

Mission, vision, values
Mission, vision, values

Vision on learning

Because changing behavior is not just a question of knowledge and cannot be disconnected from its context, we offer an experience oriented impactful method.
We approach people in the context and culture of their company, and always work personalized and co-creatively in order to obtain a deeper impact on both man and the organization.

The Triangis team exists of senior professionals with vast business experience, each adding their own specialty yet sharing the same values.


We start out from your question and effectively aim ourselves toward the path from your current situation to the desired situation and how to reach your goal. We won’t be satisfied until our training and coaching process genuinely leads to an improved situation.

Mission, vision, values
Mission, vision, values


We follow an ethical code and base ourselves on a scientifically supported approach. Our attitude is respect for man and animal, each in their unique way. We say what we do and do what we say. In our partnership with our clients and in our internal communication we are transparent and honest.


Our expertise is continually sharpened through the evaluation of our clients and participants, training, supervision and by the high standards we put upon ourselves. Internally we stimulate a learning culture: coaching each other & giving feedback as well as sharing knowledge in order to remain in touch with the fast changing markets.

Mission, vision, values


Devotion and strong personal involvement in everything we do.