Coaching with horses

Next to the traditional trajectories you can also choose to add ‘the horse as mirror’ as an addition in your development process.

It is not an absolute necessity to introduce the horses into a coaching process, though it is a guaranteed added value for a well-defined issue. Our sessions with horses are powerful development accelerators: impactful, confrontational, and unforgettable.

“The biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
George Bernard Shaw

Why use horses in order to intensify and accelerate a coaching process?

A mirror

A horse that is brought in contact with a human being will essentially react depending on how the human being behaves towards the horse. In order to connect with the horse and in order to perform the Triangis assignments, a variety of skills aimed at cooperation and leadership will be required.

Straightforward and honest

Horses react instantly and honestly and, through their body language, will give feedback based on our human behavior. Underlying patterns become visible, incongruency in thinking, feeling and doing come to the surface. There is nothing mysterious or wishy washy to it, on the contrary it is very down to earth.

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