A good work atmosphere

Research has shown that for most people a good work atmosphere is more important than a good salary. In times of ‘war for talent’ this is something to keep in mind and proactively engage oneself to, don’t you think?

Founder and driving force of Triangis, Meredith Van Overloop, researched which factors of success have an impact on the work environment. From years of experience, research, and hundreds of interviews she created the 7 levers. With aimed trajectories these levers help you in building a vivacious bustling corporate culture.

The 7 levers of Triangis

Growth oriented observation and communication: positive mindset
Boldly dealing with conflict: step out of the drama triangle and create an open feedback culture
Turn all heads in the same direction: common goals and values (“walk the talk”)
Taking on shared leadership: the alliance between the 4 leading roles, complementary and talent management
Bring magic into your team: trust, connection and solidarity
Find balance in thinking and feeling: personal leadership
Bring energy in your environment: solving contextual factors

Through temperature measurement (questionnaire & interviews) an analysis will be made of which levers need to be made a priority, and we will offer a free course proposal.