Organizations need motivated employees to reach their goals.

Triangis helps companies in building a motivational corporate culture.
Not only do we deliver theoretical models and tools, but we also provide a customized, practical experience for success and growth.
Our passionate trainers motivate your staff members through 4 core areas:


  • “Shared Leadership” The new leadership model
  • A leadership laboratory with the horse as mirror and catalyst
  • Development of leadership skills for new or experienced supervisors

Team development

  • Creating a healthy productive open feedback culture
  • Genuinely getting to know, strengthening and supporting each other
  • Wholeheartedly choosing for complementary and a common goal

Client-oriented communication

  • Authentic salesmanship and connecting with any type of client
  • Client-oriented communication with internal stakeholders

  • Development of leadership skills for both the starting and the experienced supervisor

Wellbeing at work

  • Know yourself, your talents and your strengths
  • Resiliently dealing with change, stress and work pressure
  • Building a positive mindset as burn-out prevention